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“My wig has never looked this natural before.”Installing your wig by The Don means having your wig adjusted to your head correctly, enabling you to wear it with or without glue. We provide expert assistance in making your wig look as flawless as possible in whatever style you desire.
“That's not your real hair?”A sew-in allows for the ultimate flawless finish. This method is convenient and eliminates the bulkiness that you can usually experience when wearing wigs. Our track laying technique ensures a smooth and firm foundation, making this the perfect long lasting option. Add a lace frontal and leave everyone with the question: “Is that your real hair?”
“How come your lace looks so natural?”Customisation is the process of making the hairline of your lace look like it is growing out of your scalp. This is a crucial step in bettering the illusion that the lace on your wig or sew-in is your real hair.
“I didn’t think she could be saved.”In most cases. A simple wash, style and treatment is all the love your wig needs. With the correct technique and products, The Don ensures that your wig will be brought back to life.
“Same wig, new me.”We understand that styling a wig is stressful and time consuming. Maybe you’ve been trying to do it yourself and it’s not turning out how you had imagined, or perhaps you just don’t like styling your own hair. Take a seat at The Don and we’ll assist you.
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It can get confusing to know what is needed to achieve your desired look and what exactly all the terms and categories refer to. Book a consultation with The Don to discuss the best possible course of action to get you looking brand new.